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What types of websites have you worked on before?

I’ve helped create websites for nonprofits, artists, medical practioners, and others. See my full portfolio here.

What is the project questionnaire about?

This questionnaire will help me understand your business, goals, target audience, and more. Your answers will help me develop a focused strategy for our project.

What is a hosting provider and why do I need them for my website?

Web hosting is a service that makes your site or web application accessible on the internet. Web hosting is typically provided by web hosts, which are businesses that maintain, configure, and run physical servers that house websites. 

If you purchase a hosting plan from a web hosting service provider, it means that you rent their server space to store your website data, such as HTML and CSS files, media content, and other documents. Without a hosting provider, you will not have a server to host your website.

What do you need from me to get started?

You need to purchase a domain and hosting plan (if you are not able to do this I will assist you).

Optional: having a logo and text prepared. If you do not have website content, I will create it for you. In addition, if you do not have a logo, I will direct you to websites and designers who can help you with that.